Sailing the Douro River

Douro_River_DMG_0103Sailing the Douro….finally

At 7:00am this morning the Viking Osfrid shoved off from its dock in Porto, Portugal and headed east up the Douro River.  Along the way we passed under several bridges and by several small villages.  Close to Porto there are large homes built out from the slope of the river valley and overlooking the river itself. The view is to die for.

Our first event of the day was at the first dam and lock.  The ship came to a stop inside a large concrete lock which closed behind us.  The lock filled with water raising the ship in the process to the river level behind the dam.  Once we reached that height the lock opened and we continued our passage up the river.

Further along the river the landscape becomes sparsely populated and heavily wooded.  The land is terraced with steps notched in the hillside.  The terraces are planted with grape vines and I presume other crops and vegetables.  The weather is rainy and it is on the cool side.  We are nicely seated in our cabin enjoying the ride up the Douro River.

Porto-Portugal_750_6112a_resize - Copy

Porto-Portugal_750_6118a_resize - CopyPorto-Portugal_750_6117a_resizePorto-Portugal_750_6116a_resize - Copy


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