Viking River Cruise: Porto…our 1st Port

Porto-Portugal_750_6106a_resize - Copy (2)

I took this photo around 2am when I woke up, then went back to sleep.

Our journey continued Tuesday from Lisbon with a long bus ride in the rain to Porto, Portugal. This is where the “river cruise” actually begins.  We arrived tired, a little wet from a walking tour in the rain of the University of Coimba where we visited a stunning library of volumes going back hundreds of years. Lunch was at a local restaurant and MA was thrilled with a FADO music concert there. In the late afternoon we finally arrived at the Viking Osfrid long ship which was docked on the south side of Porto on the Douro River.  After we unpacked and had dinner, we both collapsed and called it a night.

 Porto is the second largest city of Portugal.  It’s located at the mouth of the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean.  Porto is also the city or region where port wine is produced.  After breakfast we boarded our Viking buses and went on a tour of city highlights.  It concluded with a stop at the “Sandeman” wine cellars which is about a block from where our Viking ship is docked.

I’ve included some photos I took today so you can see what we saw.

Porto-Portugal_750_6112a_resize - Copy

Painted on the bus, what our Viking ship looks like.

Porto-Portugal_750_6118a_resize - Copy

Looking out our balcony to the other side of the river.

Porto-Portugal_750_6117a_resize - Copy

Porto-Portugal_750_6109a_resize - Copy

Inside the main train station

Porto-Portugal_750_6108a_resize - Copy (2)

Porto-Portugal_750_6105a_resize - Copy (2)

Across the river at night



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