Catamaran Tour on St. Lucia


We docked in St. Lucia which is a gem of an island.  It is by far the most beautiful of the islands in the Caribbean.  We had originally planned not to do any shore excursions but decided to go on a catamaran with the Clarks, Dick and Mary.  Our boarding time for the catamaran was 1:00pm which gave us time to have a leisurely morning and get ready.

We met our host and our group at the gangway and our hosts for the day.  We had a short walk to the catamaran where it was being tied to the dock.  All aboard and we were off.  Right out of the bay was anchored a large 3-mast sailing boat.  As we sailed south to Marigot Bay there was a huge 5-mast sailing ship anchored off the coast.  I had never seen one so large.


5-Mast Huge Sailing Ship

The catamaran tour took us down the coast to Marigot Bay where the film Dr. Doolittle was shot.  We arrived at another inlet shore where other catamarans were anchored.  Most of our fellow tourists got in the water as did Mary Alice.  The crew was charming and attentive to their guests.  I think Mary Alice had a great time from the smiles I kept seeing.  We stayed at the swimming hole for 40 minutes and everyone got on board and we were once again headed back to the Regal Princess.


MA’s Swimming Buddy


Regal Princess Docked in St. Lucia




St. Lucia’s Twin Peaks


See you later.