Photography Tour in Barbados, where Camouflage is Illegal

12242017_Barbados_Camo_Illegal_750_0078_resizeWe were notified by the ship’s billboards that it was illegal to wear any kind of camouflage.  It seems that the military’s drug interdiction units wear cameo and they don’t want the public confused with non-military civilians, aka: tourists.

We were up and going at 6:30 with a quick breakfast and long walk to the port entrance. We met our tour guide and small bus and began a photography tour of Barbados.  Our drive took us across the island to the Atlantic coast.  After three stops for photos and one for rum punch we headed back to the ship just in time for lunch.  I’ll attach an array of photos for you to look at.  It is what today was all about.  First photo is a silhouette of another couple on the tour with us.12242017_Barbados_Silhouettes_on_The_Beach_Cropped_750_0036_resize


“A Patch of Green”


I am not a fan of seaweed, but I liked the colors here.


That’s one big rock.

Our guide:  Ron Carrington fixing “rum punch”