St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands


Photo of yesterday’s sunset


This morning’s rainbow welcoming us into the St. Thomas harbor

As we entered St. Thomas a rainbow appeared over the harbor.  A good sign? Well it was good enough for the Lord! We went to breakfast and met two couples from Canada. One couple delivers sailboats from the manufacturer to the customer by sailing it to them, in one case from Eastern Canada to Australia! Nice work if you can get it!

We decided to go ashore to look for some new sandals for Mary Alice.  As we exited the gangway there were local dancers entertaining the passengers.  This one guy looked great on 8 ft. stilts and wearing a mask.

We went in and out various shops looking for the right sandal and finally going back to the first one and getting some she first liked. It was back on board for lunch and a nap.  Tonight we are going to a show called “Fiero.” She doesn’t remember but we’ve seen it before.  Here are some more photos from today.  See you later.


Kinda Tall!


Harbor Life!