Gibraltar & Cadiz

Yesterday the Royal Princess docked in the British colony of Gibraltar. You know it as the “Rock of…”. We arrived just before dawn and the Rock was obscured by a huge dark cloud which would hang over it the entire day. The weather was chilly, windy and with a sprinkle of rain. We decided that we would not go ashore plus this was our second visit here.
One of Gibraltar’s main tourist attractions is the Barbary Apes, monkeys at the top of the mountain. There are also tunnel mazes dating from WWII but they are not for the claustrophobic!
The highlight of the day was the Flamenco dancers show at the Princess Theater last night after dinner. The ship departed Gibraltar around 7PM and headed to Cadiz, Spain.
I got up a 2AM and watched Game 1 of the World Series. The ship gets a satellite feed for big games and broadcasts them live on the cabin TV. I saw that the Astros with the same problem they had with the Yankees, “termites of the bats” causing holes which causes strikeouts. I hope they do better in Game 2.
We docked at dawn in the beautiful port city of Cadiz, Spain. It is one of Spain’s oldest cities perched on picturesque cobbled streets. We had the option to take a tour bus to Seville (four hours roundtrip in a bus). I did that last time so we decided instead to stay in Cadiz and do one of our favorites, the Hop-On Hop-Off bus tours. We find it is an economical way to get around a European city plus you can get off when you want to and then get back on the next bus that comes around.
The bus makes a circuitous route and the fare was only 30 Euros for two. We hopped off at the Cadiz Cathedral and Central Market stop. They charged 5 Euros (4 for seniors) too get in but it was well worth it to see this huge cathedral with all the individual altars, mostly dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Afterward we headed down a crowded street toward the central market. You can’t get lost doing that, just follow the folks rolling along with their empty grocery carts.

The indoor central market had numerous “seafood” stalls loaded with every kind of fish you can imagine. One butcher offered MA an eyeball. She declined. The vendors were standing behind large butcher blocks with a large filet knives and slicing and dicing to order. There were a few vegetable and fruit stands to add a little color to the interior.
We took it all in and walked outside for some fresh air. The bus was waiting so we hopped on, made the rest of the circuit around Cadiz. If you love beaches and blue oceans this is the place. Miles of pristine beaches, volleyball courts, other sports venues, but very few beachgoers; it’s not the “season”.
We hopped off back at the ship, went to lunch. (Remember we never miss a meal on these trips!) Tomorrow is a sea day and on Friday we dock in the first of the two Canary Islands we will visit, this one being Tenerife. Tenerife was the site of a horrific Pan AM-KLM collision years ago. I think that’s on MA’s mind at the moment.


One thought on “Gibraltar & Cadiz

  1. dave b. says:

    Wayne –
    Thanks for the update. That’s an impressive ship and pictures. The markets are so colorful. Looking forward to next update. Have a God blessed day – dave b.


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