BOURG: A Village built on a rocky promontory above the Dordogne River

The Viking Forseti sailed down the Dordogne River last night and docked in the French village of Bourg. (Remember the last letter is silent.) We had a wonderful dinner with new friends Bill & Jordie and Peter & Robyn. We all went with the chef’s recommendations; a cheese souffle, roast lamb and a chocolate dessert. The food was delicious and the conversation seriously enjoyable.

As we were getting up from the table, Peter, who is a doctor, got up with us. He said he noticed that MA was struggling with back pain and truth be told, she was although she rarely complains. He said that he had a mini anti-spasm handheld electronic device he wanted her to try. We followed him to their room and he hooked the four sensors on her back and turned it on.  Mary Alice said it felt like one of those pedicure chairs going up and down the back. We thanked him profusely and went to the room.   I hope this will alleviate some of her annoying back pain which we are sure is a result of our 2015 accident. She was very touched by his concern.


Everyone on the crew helps to restock supplies

After breakfast this morning we decided to explore Bourg on our own. We walked off the ship and around to the far west end of the port.  MA did not want to climb the 75 steps to the top of the town so she went a different direction making me promise I would be back by 10:30 as the ship was leaving at 12 noon. She fusses because I sometimes have a little habit of getting so involved with the camera I forget the time.


Anyhow, after climbing the stairs up to the top of the cliff I wanted to go inside a small Gothic church, however, it was locked up so I only have photos of the exterior.


Walking around the small village I found the covered market, empty.  It is only open Sunday’s. The old ramparts which surround the town are from the 13th to 17th Century.




Wandering around the village I found a WWI memorial.  There were many names engraved on the monument. It must have been devastating for this small village to lose so many young men.  I am reminded of the many memorials I’ve seen throughout Texas as I photographed the county courthouses. War is a terrible thing for humanity but when some nation or entity threatens your country and kills innocents it is time to act. To all the brave young men who take up arms in defense of freedom, I salute you.


One last thing before I go.  I was serenaded this morning by a French rooster in a small park.  He was strutting around with one of his hens and crowing loudly.  He posed for a moment while I took his portrait.  I returned to the ship on time (!) and we wandered down to the lounge for coffee and iPad games.


Here kitty, kitty.  A very camera shy French cat.


Viking Forseti docked at Bourg


What kind of know do you call this?


2 thoughts on “BOURG: A Village built on a rocky promontory above the Dordogne River

  1. dave b. says:

    Wayne –

    Again – a great and informative commentary. Also – another collection of great pictures – how long is that river boat ?? Keep the updates coming – I enjoy all of them.

    Have a God blessed day – dave b.


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