Blaye Citadel: I’m not a tourist. I’m a photographer on a tour!


Map of the Citadel at Blaye

The Viking Forseti docked at the village of Blaye shortly after lunch.  We decided to walk into the citadel and have a look.  We gathered our hats, coats and camera and walked off the ship, across the parking lot and went into the 400 year old fort on the Gironde River.

A little history is in order.  The imposing fort was built in 17th Century on the orders of King Louis XIV.  He directed his commissioner of fortifications, Vauban, to build a fort to protect the prosperous wine trade in the Bordeaux region of France. Vauban looked for a spot and found it at on the eastern side of the Gironde.  It took the French four years to build it, 1685-1689.

The citadel has huge thick walls, lookout towers, and canon emplacements.  The original town was inside the fort but has since grown largely outside of the walls.  We climbed the hill with no problem and once we had seen enough we started back down.  On the way back to the ship I noticed a dark colored hawk flying near the surface.  As he came by I snapped a few images of him.  Google says it’s a Marsh harrier.


Marsh Harrier


Lookout Tower

The Citadel entrance, the jail, and another 400 year old door.



This old house has character.


If you think these French rivers are clear and crystal blue, this photo tells you the truth.


As we were eating dinner I noticed the sunset and took this photo with my iPhone 6s.


One thought on “Blaye Citadel: I’m not a tourist. I’m a photographer on a tour!

  1. dave b. says:

    Wayne –
    Thanks for the update. The pictures and history in this area are impressive and very interesting. Thanks for sharing them !!!

    Have a God blessed day -dave b.


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