IAH to Paris….long flight

IMG_0898-IAH_Air_France_Departure Gate

The day began early for us.  I was up early and finished packing. MA makes a check list for the house when we leave and I was checking things off. We elected to take a shuttle to the IAH this trip because the parking would have been $50 more than just having someone else drive.  That is an easy decision.  We finished packing and our driver showed up right on time at 11:30.  His name was Ty and from his accent I figured he was from Nigeria.  I was right.

We arrive at Terminal D, found an abandoned luggage cart in the parking lot.  We rolled into Terminal D and got checked into Air France.  Our flight was delayed an hour so we decided to walk over to Terminal C to the United Club and relax there for a couple of hours.  We were just in time for lunch, Tomato Bisque soup.  It was delicious or maybe I was just hungry.  The time whizzed by and we walked back to Terminal D and gate D11.  We boarded on time and MA and I had two seats to ourselves.  It was still a miserable nine hours of sitting in one position, unable to sleep. It’s the only part of travel that I hate, however, if you have to fly someplace to get started on your cruise, you have no other choice.

The cabin steward, Fredrico Silvitri, was excellent.  He always greeted us with a smile. He made sure we had water or something to drink. He made us feel like we were sitting in first class. Towards the end of the flight he gave MA a book on Bordeaux and then went around the cabin personally shaking hands and saying good bye to each passenger in his care.  MA says in all her years and years flying, she has NEVER seen that! The guy was just top notch. IMG_1122_Out-the-window

MA took this shot out of the window just as the sun was coming up…somewhere over North Atlantic bit approaching the west coast of France.

We arrived at Charles De Gaul Airport in Paris around 9:00 am local time. We gathered our stuff and made our way to French Customs.  We were among about 1000 people going through the passport control.  It took about an hour to get through the line and we met some fellow Viking passengers along the way.  After retrieving our luggage and exiting the doors to the ground level, there was the Viking reps waiting to check us in and arrange our transportation to the hotel.  We stayed at the Le Meridien Hotel which is near the Arch de Triumph.  The computer’s battery is running low so I’ll close for now. Thanks to Susan L. for taking care of our Tanner while we’er gone.


2 thoughts on “IAH to Paris….long flight

  1. By the way, the flight was on Air France. No wonder the crew was so great. MA gifted them a box of Whitmans candy and they all came around to express their appreciation. And finally, the only English she spoke was to me. Her French teachers would have been proud!


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