Punt Delgado, Azores (Portugal)


Punta Delgado, Azores (Portugal)

Sailing from Barcelona, we arrived in Punta Delgado in the Azores in three days. Mary Alice and I have been to these beautiful islands on two prior cruises, so we passed on the ship’s tours.  We elected to walk off the ship and explore the capital city, Punta Delgado, on foot.  The weather was mild and there was plenty of sunshine.

We walked the pedestrian sidewalk around the moored boats to the end and turned around and started back.  We were propositioned by a carriage driver for a ride in his horse drawn “buggy”.  The price was 10 Euros so we said yes.  After adding four more passengers we were off on the ride around Punta Delgado.  The driver took us through narrow streets, by a park and returned to his parking spot. I handed the driver a 10 Euro bill and he said “ten each.” I felt like we just got flim-famed but both of us enjoyed the ride and I took some photos I would not have taken.

We walked back to the ship, got aboard and I watched and photographed some wind surfers on the starboard side of the Royal Princess.  We sailed away about 5pm after all the passengers boarded.punta_delgado_azores_wind_surfer_d75_0473_resize

We set sail for Fort Lauderdale and will arrive next Saturday after crossing the Atlantic.