Hola from Sitges, Spain


Sitges, Spain………..from Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona early this morning. We both slept really well. I guess this touring and dining can be very tiring.  Our room service coffee arrived followed later with breakfast in the dining room.  Then we got our act together and met our tour group in the Princess Theater.

The brochure said that Sitges was an old fishing village.  Wrong.  There was nothing old about it except the church and half the people on our bus!  But we still had a great time walking along the seawall, watching the many surfers and sizing up the many apartments and hotels for future reference, that is until we found out a small studio went for $450,000 Euros, and up!

When we got to the old church we came across a lively group of Spanish teenagers on a school outing.  They posed for my camera after I told them I might be a National Geographic photographer! Then they applauded us as we made our way up the many steps to the church.

We walked around and found a sidewalk café where we both enjoyed coffees and grilled cheese sandwiches.  While we were there, I noticed a windsurfer, grabbed my camera and mounted my 70-210 lens and headed to the rock pier.  It was a lesson in action photography.  You tell me how I did.



Catholic Church in Stiges


MA and a skinny street


Skinny Hotel in Stiges


Narrow street in Stiges


Old Boat


Hotel & Cafes along the Beach


Spanish teenagers on the church steps


Old medival seal of Spain









This is a masoleum near the port in Barcelona.  Expensive cryps face the ocean.  The others are on the othe side of the mountain.



One thought on “Hola from Sitges, Spain

  1. David Billingsley says:

    Have you made any other unintended FaceTime calls today ????? I’m amazed at all the stone walls in these pictures – there must be a lot of stones in this area. Your pictures are great (all of them). You and Jay sure provide us state-siders with a wealth of beautiful pics from around the world – keep them coming. You can tell the wind surfing pics were not taken in Galveston !!!! Job well done.

    Have a God blessed day – dave b.


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