Flight to Charlotte, NC and 3 hr Layover



Our journey began at 0700 this morning as we departed Bridgeland and wound our way to SH99, the Grand Parkway.  What would normally take us over an hour now takes 40 minutes to get to IAH. We arrived in IAH, parked in The Parking Spot, and caught the bus to American Airlines.  After getting through secuirty, we’re both Pre-flight, we stopped at the Continental Club for a cup of coffee and toast for breakfast.  Our AA flight to Charlotte was fantastic because of a wonderful flight attendant, Sara Pizatola.  She always had a smile on her face and made sure we had anything we wanted.  She even took the picture of us after lunch.  We landed in Charlotte ahead of schedule.  The weather was rainy caused by the big hurricane, Matthew, south of us in Florida.  Our flight to Rome leaves at 3:30pm so we had a about three hours to wait.  We had passes to the Admiral’s Club and that’s where I am typing this short blog.  Ya’ll stay tuned.  I’ll write something in a couple of days.


Sara, our flight attendant.