Days at Sea


Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

After five days of “at sea” we have an established routine that both of us like.  My day usually begins around 6:00 am.  I can get up and pull a curtain across the room and not awake Mary Alice if I turn on the TV. I get caught up on the latest on Fox News and BBC.  MSNBC is also available but my stomach does not want to listen to it that early.  The night before we order coffee and some fruit to be delivered to the room between 7:30-8:00 am.  Room service is usually right on time.  MA is normally awake by then and we enjoy coffee together.  It is also a time for MA to catch up on her games and crossword puzzle.  I usually check email and Facebook but don’t spend too much time.  I’ve already used more than half my “free” 250 internet minutes and I need to keep some time to upload our travel blog.

We typically have breakfast between 8:00 to 9:00 am in the dining room.  We also eat breakfast on the 16th floor buffet. Yesterday we went to a gathering of veterans in one of the dining rooms.  There were many Korean War vets and only one WW2-veteran in attendance.  Most are Vietnam and Cold War Vets.  There were two Navy vets in attendance who both served on the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier during the Vietnam War in the South China Sea. They were in the same squadron but didn’t know each other.  Both of them survived a terrible accident and fire that killed many of their shipmates.

There are many Texans aboard the Regal on this voyage.  Someone organized a get-together of Texans for those interested in one of the unused lounges.  We had about 20 in attendance at the first meeting and 24 for the second.  Everyone introduced themselves and got to know each other. It was like meeting your next door neighbor.  Texans are very warm and approachable.  Funny thing, I didn’t notice any other such “state” gathering on the ship.  There were no Californians, no New Yorkers, not any other state except Texas, where people like to get together and say “howdy”.  God bless Texas.

Mary Alice has been faithful in going to the gym and exercising on the treadmill and both of us have restrained our appetites. There is no 7th floor “Promenade” deck that goes around the ship as in other Princess cruise ships.  This new one does not have one.  I have found that I can walk the decks and get enough exercise to stay up with MA on her treadmill.  By that time, its lunch time and we head to the Concerto Dining Room for what else, “lunch.”  We both like lunch and dinner in a dining room with two waiters around a large table with three other couples. We’ve met some really nice people during these meals.


We’ve found a variety of things to do at night.  We’ve been to three live shows in the Princess Theater at night; one comedian and two by a piano playing singer by the name of Tom Franek.  Tom’s act is a combination of Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joel and Frank Sinatra all rolled up into one guy.  He is an explosion of piano and voice that has you clapping and singing along.  You can find him on YouTube.

On another night Mary Alice and I found ourselves at the pool to see the ship’s dancing fountains.  The Theater Under the Stars was just beginning the movie, “Jurassic World.”  She has never seen any of the Jurassic series so we sat down and enjoyed the movie “under the stars.”

All in all our cruise across the Atlantic has been fantastic.  We learned to relax and enjoy all the ship has to offer.  We arrive in the Azores tomorrow.  I’ll write about our stop at Punta Delgada in a couple of days.  Until then, think about joining us on one of these cruises.  You’ll love it.  Bon voyage.1083245-Clipart-Seagulls-And-A-Cruise-Ship-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustration


One thought on “Days at Sea

  1. David Billingsley says:

    Looks like you and MA are off to a good start on this trip. I’m looking forward to your upcoming photo ops. Thanks for the update.

    Have a God blessed day – dave b.


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